Disruptive technology

LEVIATAN is a software engineering, process automation and Data Science expert. The company delivers high-tech added value services to ramp up its clients’ Research & Development and digital transformation agenda.


Data Science

Data at the service of your company
We analyse a wide range of data types and produce automated methods designed to sort and analyse your data in order to extract high value-added information, taking your technology to a whole new level. We help you to exploit, secure and enhance your company’s information.


Process Automation

Digitalisation and automation of your business processes
We explore the business processes that drive your company’s success and identify all the automation possibilities. We design and deploy your customised automation solutions by applying best practices and cutting-edge technologies with one aim in mind: to accelerate the transformation of your company and give you a competitive edge.


Software Engineering

Your smart productivity tools
Nous analysons votre besoin et en élaborons les spécifications techniques, nous conceptualisons les mécanismes internes de vos logiciels et intervenons également dès les premières phases d'étude et de conception de vos projets afin de rationaliser la production de vos logiciels et de leur suivi. Nous développons, testons, déployons et maintenons vos solutions logiciels.

An Artificial Intelligence R&D Lab

Achieving the unthinkable
LEVIATAN set up its in-house artificial intelligence research lab back in 2019. Our rationale is to team up doctors in computer and data science with software engineers boasting international and complementary backgrounds to explore technological avenues that are still the stuff of dreams.


LEVIATAN’s private applied research laboratory in Artificial Intelligence is CII/CIR (Innovation Tax Credit/Research Tax Credit) approved by the Ministry of Research and Innovation.