Software Engineering

We all have to contend with increasingly complex digital solution environments. While you may find software out there that meets your needs, it will probably offer several features that are superfluous and that will make it difficult to use the features that really are useful. This calls for quick decisions about integrating software, adding extensions to existing software, adapting software to your needs or simply ordering a completely customised solution.


From the implementation of good practices, LEVIATAN has drawn on the science of software engineering to build up its expertise.

We are particularly interested in systematic procedures that allow us to develop small to large-scale software that meets your expectations with a high level of reliability, low maintenance costs and excellent performance while respecting development deadlines and costs.
Our expertise is based on many years of experience in software engineering, applied to developing solutions for industries across the board.

- Analysis of the need, drawing up of the specifications, conceptualisation of the internal mechanism of the software. We step in from the initial project study and design stage in order to rationalise the development of your software and its follow-up.
- Software development, testing phases, maintenance. We also bring our expertise into the software development phase to ensure best development practices and a very high level of performance. Testing and maintenance are an integral part of the software engineering life cycle.


Fast track the development of your software solutions!

While technology development and productivity are topics that tend to come up time and again among software publishers, many are looking to save time and improve productivity.

LEVIATAN offers its data science, artificial intelligence and process automation service to help publishers optimise their software solutions or productivity tools. This paves the way for state-of-the-art know-how and technology development as well as the upgrading and integration of your tools.