Data Science

Faced with the sheer volume of the daily flood of data, today’s challenge is to access and process a mass of heterogeneous data arriving in a continuous flow, in large quantities, and in a whole range of formats. Yet all this data offers unprecedented opportunities for companies across all industries. With better data management, it is possible to create innovative new products and services, solve real-world problems and improve performance like never before. Data Science allows us to make decisions based on information, rather than just intuition, and thus open up new horizons.


LEVIATAN undertakes the analysis of a wide variety of data types: medical and health imaging, financial data, strategic corporate data and documentary data.

Our teams of consultants, developers and researchers are there to help and advise with the initial analysis of your needs, the determination of your functional specifications and ultimate deployment.

LEVIATAN applies the best methods to process your company’s mass data :

- Statistics and classification of massive data: variable selection and model validation, penalized regression, iterative methods for data processing, functional data analysis. - Statistical learning: data engineering, machine learning, deep learning, recommender systems.
- Optimization for data engineering: solution concepts, high dimensional optimization, graph algorithms.
- Database processing and storage: massive databases, massive data processing, software engineering, data security.

We enrich your data and design tailor-made algorithms for all types of applications geared towards your company.
LEVIATAN helps you exploit, secure and enhance your company’s information.