AI Research Lab

Since 2019, LEVIATAN has set up its internal artificial intelligence research lab.
Our basic principle is to mix PhDs in computer science and data science and software engineers with international and complementary profiles to explore technological avenues you can’t even imagine yet.

Areas of research


Natural language processing


Data classification and predictive analysis


Machine Learning and Deep Learning


Algorithm development, testing, validation and deployment

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Development platform

LEVIATAN’s AI Research LAB meets a burning need for a forum for collaboration, scientific creation and training for students and professionals in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

The lab brings together doctoral graduates, in-house staff, external professionals and students, active in applied research in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, to work together in a more structured, dynamic and innovation-friendly context.


LEVIATAN’s private applied research laboratory in Artificial Intelligence is CII/CIR (Innovation Tax Credit/Research Tax Credit) approved by the Ministry of Research and Innovation.