Process Automation

Sometimes we tend to think that setting up a top-notch website and sending out emails to our customers is all it takes to go digital. But this is only the very fine tip of the iceberg! Making a company digital isn’t just a cosmetic facelift: it means digitalising and automating your processes to optimise the internal organisation as well as the existing tools.
Business process automation solutions are often complex, connected to a multitude of business systems and increasingly use artificial intelligence technologies to better interpret unstructured data.


LEVIATAN intervenes to help you operate your digital transformation by adapting all the processes and offers of your company to better manage the continuous diversification of business tools and the lack of inter-connectivity.

We explore the business processes that make your company successful. We take ownership and understand your business, we identify all the ways of automation, we design and deploy your custom automation solutions by applying the best practices and the best technologies.
Our sole objective is to help you accelerate your business transformation and give you a competitive advantage.

If you prefer a more standard solution, we have also created an innovative platform that allows you to optimize your business management. This backbone can be the basis for the digitization or integration of your digital tools to optimize the automation of your processes. We will help you drive all your workflows from one place.
You can integrate existing tools and continue your digitalization with new tools.